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西红柿牛肉的家常做法 >> 正文 >


Starfruit 1颗pc,盐Salt 10g,CrystalSugar 30g,水Water 500ml治疗癫痫病的方法有什么

2、杨桃装进大一点的盒子, 将每一片分开一些, 撒上盐 和冰糖, 盖上盖子放进冰箱腌至少3小时. (English translation in the next step) Put starfruit in a bigger container and spread th合肥什么医院治癫痫em out, sprinkle salt and crystal sugar, cover to marinate for at least 3 hours in the fridge.

3、将步骤二加入水中, 盖上盖子煮开后,小火熬约30分钟- 45分钟.Put step 2 into the wat武汉癫痫到哪家医院好er in a pot, cover and bring to boil, then turn the heat to low and simmer for 30-40 mins.

4、准备一个网筛, 将煮软的杨桃捞进网筛, 然后用汤匙将汁挤出.Prepare a sifter to put all st什么方法治疗癫痫病好arfruit into the sifter, squeeze the juices out from the softened starfruit.

5、放凉后放进冰箱.Leave to cool then refrigerate.


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